GRIM DAWN is Shaping Up to be More DIABLO Than.. DIABLO

It's no secret, the Diablo III launch was rough. Luckily, since then, it has been much improved, in fact, we recently recommended jumping back in. Now, just released from Early Access, the folks at Crate Entertainment has brought an amazing click-click-click ARPG that the more I play, the more I loved. From sweet loot drops, to amazing creature design, and best of all, character customization that feels just right! We keep getting more and more benefits from Kickstarted games such as the stunning OBDUCTION and now, this. 

Honestly, Grim Dawn is shaping up to be more Diablo-esque.. than Diablo III. So, check out the 4K screenies and 1080p/60 vid below, then stay tuned for our full review coming soon.