GT-X: Darkshad Talks Sending Zero To Losers Pools And The Hype Of Beating A Smash God


In a move few (if any) saw coming, Darkshad pulled the upset on Zero in pools, and while it wasn't an outright elimination or anything of that nature, it is a moment not often seen in the Smash community. So what is it like to defeat the top player in Smash 4? We caught up with Darkshad after the match to get his thoughts on the game and the "water bottle pop-off".

"(after game 1) I was thinking 'wow that went pretty well, I think I can win this.'"

Pretty well was a bit of an understatement as Darkshad 2 stocked Zero in their first game, and handily took the set in near god-like fashion:

Game 2 was a different story. The match was still close, but for the most part Zero appeared to have shook the cobwebs and resumed form as the fighting champ we know him as:

"Game 2 I was like okay, he's starting to turn it up now this is not going to be easy he's making very good use of the platforms, normally battlefield is my best stage as a player so it's like when I took Diddy to (Final Destination) I didn't know what was going to happen. I figured I'm not going to give him the platforms to run around with he's going to have to land into me and he's going to have to fight me and I feel like I used that the best he could."

While Game 2 wasn't his match, Darkshad did manage to flip the tables to take the set in Suzaku Castle and sent the crowd into a frenzy as a lower tier PGR ranked player gave a wakeup call to the top of the list:

While obviously there was some disappointment from Zero, Darkshad says the Diddy main was all class when it came to the aftermath:

"He shook my hand. He was obviously frustrated like anyone should be after they lose. It's okay to be mad after losing there was no ill will. "

Darkshad obviously was elated, and was in particularly good spirits following his win:

We think he earned it...what about you?