GT-X: MKLeo Wins SMASH 4 Singles Competition


Smash 4 competition has come to a close at GT-X 2017, and MK Leo certainly made the most of his opportunity. After securing Doubles with partner Komorikiri, Leo battled his way to the top spot in what was one of the weirdest yet most exciting Smash 4 events of 2017.

Some who missed the event may not be surprised by the outcome, as MKLeo is the 2nd top ranked player on the PGR, but numbers don't tell the whole story. In fact, while MKLeo was the victor of GameTyrant Expo, 45th ranked Smash player Elegant is the headline. Elegant sent MKLeo to losers in their matchup in the winners bracket, but Leo eventually made good on the runback in 10 games that will go down as one of the best 2017 in Smash has given.

Congratulations to MKLeo and all who participated in the event! Would you like to see GT-X return in 2018?