GT-X: The Quickest Way To Get Muted On Twitter, According To Anti


When it comes to Smash 4, there are few personalities as outspoken or as entertaining as Jason "Anti" Bates. Understandably so, when you're one of the game's most outspoken players, you're bound to get people eager to cut you down any chance they can.

For that reason, Anti's taken the stance of "muting" his Twitter followers who get too wild. We spoke to Anti at GT-X to find out and inform the Smash community what gets you muted by Smash's best personality, and probably some general advice for Twitter etiquette in general when dealing with pros:

"If you're a shitty person you get muted. Say something slick or stupid, or try to be can try to be funny but make sure it's actually funny. If it's like some backhanded insult or some shit? I'm like 'alright, muted.'"

It sounds like common sense, but obviously he wouldn't be saying it or muting people if it wasn't happening on a consistent basis. Bottom line Smash fans, don't be a douche to your favorite pros.