GT-X: HungryBox Wins SUPER SMASH BROS MELEE Singles Competition


Two Smash Gods went to war in the Vivint SmartHome Arena of the GT-X Grand Finals, and after 10 games, it was Hungrybox who defeated Armada to win Super Smash Bros. Melee competition!

Game 1 ended with Hungrybox taking a commanding set with Armada's Fox seemingly without answer to the puff power. That advantage didn't last long as Armada took game 2 to Final Destination with some very handy laser play but ultimately narrowly squeaked out a victory as HBox refused to die.

Tied at 1-1, the two went into Dreamland with both players pushing aggressively. After trading stocks back and forth HBox edged out a lead 3 stocks in and Armada just couldn't hang on and ate the L. Unfazed, Armada started game 4 at Pokemon stadium and snagged a very quick stock that lead to a one stock lead midgame. that HBox never stood a chance of recovering from.

Now tied at 2-2, it was either elimination or bracket reset and neither man seemed ready to lose. It was down to a Game 5 at Yoshi's Island that had an explosive start with HBox taking an early stock less than a minute in. Unfazed, Armada quickly retaliated with his Fox although somehow found himself a stock down as HBox quickly bounced back determined not to drop. HBox forced the bracket reset in a tight final stock showdown as the Utah crowd chanted "U.S.A".

Game 1 of set 2 kicked off with Armada still going Fox seemingly determined not to bring out Peach. Despite losing the set Armada pressed on with Fox and a trip to Final Destination. It would take more than favorable matchups though as Hungrybox played like a man possessed and made Armada fight for every stock to take the game minus a misplay which resulted in an upsmash to a sleeping puff.

Game 3 went back to Dreamland tied up once again in a match that swung more than the blowing winds from trees. Stocks were being traded faster than at the NYSE but Hbox conquered the Fox of Wall Street with some clutch play to put himself a game away from victory.

Game 4 went to Pokemon Stadium with the same aggression and intensity of the 9 matches before it. Armada took the first stock and HBox responds. Armada retaliates and at 2 stocks it's literally anyone's game. Lasers fly and Armada catches HBox sleeping (literally) for a punish to take game 9.

It's the ultimate timeline and both men are at game 10 at Yoshi's Island with both Smashers pushing each other off stage for a stock. Armada catches an early up smash and gets a stock advantage on HBox, and snags yet another. HBox battled for his life and managed to snag another stock, and another and suddenly it's down to one stock untilTHE SWEDE IS DOWN, THE SWEDE IS DOWN!

Hbox, takes an emotional victory and the tears flow as he becomes the GT-X Melee singles champion.

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