GTX: BestNess And Diablo Showed Why SUPER SMASH BROS E-Sports Tourneys Are The Best


You'll hear it from everyone to the amateurs to the top pros, there are no easy wins in Super Smash Bros. That's a lesson pros NAKAT and VoiD both were reminded of when they were beaten not once, but TWICE by two local Utah residents by the names of Diablo and BestNess. Honestly, that impressive sentence is even an undersell, as BestNess eliminated 2 stocks of VoiD's and 1v1'd NAKAT in a ditto Ness pick in what was one of the best "put the team on your back" moments of the 2017 season (59:14 in the VOD below):


It was wild, amazing, and in the spirit of GT-X, dope. In all honesty, it was one of those moments that make Smash Bros one of the best eSports to watch as literally anything can happen in these tourneys. Two local guys make their way through the brackets and hold their own against the pro's, and go further than perhaps even they thought they would go...

Did they eventually get eliminated by Tweek and Samsora? Sure, but I'll be damned if they didn't make a statement along the way. THERE ARE NO EASY GAMES IN SMASH.