Guy Beats FINAL FANTASY XV At Level 1 With No Items

Using no items and never leveling up, YouTuber BoyvsVideoGame has defeated Final Fantasy XV. Surprisingly, Kotaku says he was able to complete the main story in just a little over 9 hours doing this. Most of the time spent is during boss battles which range from minutes to an hour depending on the difficulty. 

BvVG spends most of his playthrough shitting on the game and it's combat and story. He's being more than a little harsh, as the game was widely acclaimed and I've heard few people speak ill of maybe it's part of his persona. Shitting on a game while you dominate it seems to exude a sort of confidence like it isn't as hard as it likely is. 

Check out a portion of his playthrough below, and if you want to watch the whole thing check out his YouTube here