Guy Creates Awesome Browser Based SUPER SMASH BROS MELEE Game

You can now play Super Smash Bros Melee without a Gamecube, emulators...or really anything more than a browser!  Youtuber Schmoo uploaded a fan project in which he made the game fully functional within your typical internet browser and it works flawlessly. Players can do Target Practice, Local Verses, and even create their own stuff to share with other players! 

According to the Reddit post, the game is about as equal to the original thing as you can get design wise. One thing that is different is all the "hurt boxes" are strictly rectangle as there's no easy way to figure out the actual data from the original game code.

You can see the footage in the demo trailer below...then school your friends and family later by visiting the site here! This is some seriously impressive work from a gameplay and development standpoint.