Guy Discovers It Costs $400 To Get Every Card In HEARTHSTONE UN'GORO Expansion

If you're looking to collect all 135 cards for Hearthstone: The Journey To Un'Goro, it's going to run you about $400. The data comes from a Redditor who used a Monte Carlo simulation to see how long it would take to grab every card through the method of purchasing packs and after 10,000 runs found the average player would need to purchase 316 packs which comes to about $399.92.

Having said that, it's not like anyone can be surprised attempting to collect cards to a trading card game is expensive. Still, that's a pretty steep price for Hearthstone, which forces players to purchase each expansion if they want to remain competitive and stay within the meta. 

What's your take? Is $400 a fair price for 135 cards?