Guy Hacks WOLFENSTEIN 3D And Makes It Playable On Gameboy Color

Those of us who aren't too big in the technical world of computers likely don't appreciate what an achievement this is. That said, I'm sure everyone can appreciate a guy putting in the hours to make Wolfenstein 3D fully playable on a Game Boy Color! 

Wolfenstein 3D has appeared on Nintendo handheld before...but it was on the graphically superior Gameboy Advance...and dare I say not as polished as this work of art above.

For those more curious about how he did it, here's a snippet from the Engadget article that better details the technical side of things...

"Granlund used a breadboard to program the EEprom himself, then ordered a custom board, complete with pinouts. Using those, he added an NXP graphics processor, equipped with an ARM Cortex-M0 running at 48MHz. That chip is obviously more powerful than the Intel 386 CPU that originally ran Wolfestein on MS-DOS."

I don't understand it, but I respect it! Now do something like Morrowind