Guy On Steam Owns Over Half Of Games Available...Plays ROCKSMITH And LEFT 4 DEAD 2 Nonstop

Steam user PalmDesert is making headlines today as being recognized as the most prolific user on the platform. VG247 reports that out of the 7,481 games available on Steam he owns 5,029 of them and has 3,372 pieces of DLC.

His favorite game is Rocksmith with 569 hours logged. That's roughly 24 days of human life spent playing a game that teaches you to play guitar. He's logged over 900+ hours in Left 4 Dead 2 which is over a month spent playing a game.

Essentially this guy is the epitome of the Steam user. Owns tons of games but really only plays a couple consistently. With as much time as he's sunk into a couple of these I gotta wonder what he does for a living? Who has the money for that many games? Who has the time for that much gaming? Currently, he sits near the top of the Steam rankings as it's most prolific user as the first to reach level 1000 (which Valve doesn't even have an icon for yet so it's weird looking). I really want to know more about this guy! Hopefully he comes forward and does an interview!