Halo: Infinite Co-Developers Reveal A Second 2019 Game For Xbox One And PC


SkyBox Labs, co-developers of the upcoming Halo: Infinite title that is set to launch in 2020, have announced that they have another title coming to both Xbox One and PC in 2019 as well! This one features quite a different type of gameplay and scenery, but looks interesting nonetheless. This game, simply titled Stela, will be a cinematic platformer about a young woman witnessing the final days of a mysterious ancient world.

From the trailer there doesn’t seem to be any action and appears to have a more Limbo-style feel to it where you don’t truly know what’s going on, but you know you can’t just stop or turn back. Pushing forward to reach what can only be expected to be a climactic end, Stela is looking to be an eerie title with challenges and puzzles to overcome.

It’s a bit strange to see a game like this coming out in the same year as a new Halo game from a team that worked on both of these two titles. The contrasting style and gameplay elements are so drastically different, but yet they are also both very intriguing. Check out the trailer yourself and let us know what you think of SkyBox’s second 2019 title in the comments.