HALO WARS 2 Announces Beta Results And Teases "Real" Beta In 2017

If you played the first beta for Halo Wars 2 back in June, 343 Industries and Creative Assembly want you to know that beta was strictly developmental. While it did give a glimpse of what we will see in the final game, devs are now saying they are taking the information gained from feedback and implementing that to improve the final game. In a blog post, they also teased they would be giving us a more complete look at the game in early 2017!

So what's changing from the first beta to the next?

  • Improvements to controller layout and multiple configurations for player's to utilize.
  • Improving the ease of understanding Leader Powers and making them more straightforward.
  • More visual cues to show the state of your buildings when it is under siege.
  • Balances to resources and power.
  • Increasing the population count

Finally, it was announced that the next Halo Wars 2 beta will be available on PC as well as Xbox One! That's awesome as I'm eager to see the difference in playing this game with a mouse and keyboard. I imagine it'll be much easier!