Hand-Drawn Mobile Puzzle Game GROBO Comes To iOS And Android Soon

Testing your mental strength and building an understanding of how strange scenarios can be solved with the tools you're given is something puzzle game fans enjoy. Developer Hot Chocolate Games is looking to bring a mind-bending series of challenges in their upcoming mobile puzzle game Grobo. Taking place in a hand-drawn world called Megatropolis, players will have to help our little character understand the gravity of his reality.

Using the trickery of gravity manipulation, players will be challenged with puzzles full of traps and hazards that react the same as Grobo to the change in gravity. The goal of each puzzle is to bring Grobo another step closer to understanding the fall of civilization. Along the way, he uncovers the truth to why his home is abandoned, collects lore-filled memories, and eventually embarks on an adventure to restore humanity!

You can help Grobo soon as this hand-drawn puzzle game is set to launch on both mobile platforms, iOS and Android, as early as October 10th. With the opportunity to make progress through over 40 different gravity shifting challenges from anywhere you are with your phone, will you be helping our little friend discover the truth about his home and restore mankind?