Hands On Experience: TRAINING GROUNDS aka HALO VR


This past weekend the first of many Halo Outpost Discovery convention was held in Orlando, FL. While there were many aspects at the event worth covering, the first thing I had to try out was the Training Grounds VR experience. This was essentially a 3v3 PvP Halo in VR experience and to put it bluntly, Halo needs an official game for players to face off in Virtual Reality from home!

To participate in the experience, we were given SteamVR-type controllers to correlate with our headsets. We were put in a small area and given the ability to move about semi-freely, along with controls to use for official movement. The arena was rather small, but given the experience lasting roughly 10-15 minutes, it was more than enough.

Getting the chance to feel like a Spartan mid-battle, facing off against other Spartans, is the ultimate way to experience a multiplayer Halo match. I don’t see why there isn’t a way to play Halo in VR from home just yet as this is the exact type of game that would bring a whole new level of skill and combat to the online Halo community. Being able to physically peek around corners, listen to your surroundings for queue’s and call outs, along with not knowing the skill level of the players you go up against are all aspects that made it all the more fun.

Training Grounds VR was one of the best aspects of the Halo Outpost Discovery event and is a must-do part of the overall experience if you plan to visit one of the future locations. Even having to wait a couple hours just to enjoy this awesome Halo spectacle, I can’t help but repeat the fact that Halo VR needs to exist! There are, of course, aspects that would need to be adjusted for this to be made into a home release but then we could enjoy Halo VR from the comfort of our living rooms.