Hands On With The Admiral Wireless N64 Controller From Hyperkin!

While most of the talk surrounding Hyperkin lately has been focused on their newly announced N64 clone console, E3 2019 allowed the company an opportunity to showcase another product for our favorite 64-bit system! Say hello to the Admiral, a wireless N64 controller with a modern layout. The Admiral features a base unit with an integrated Memory Pak slot to allow for saving in compatible titles. the base unit also features a Micro SD card slot for easy backup of Memory Pak saves to a more reliable medium! The Admiral will have a 30 ft operating range and come with a rechargeable battery. Being a Bluetooth controller, the Admiral will also be compatible with PC.

Starting up some time trials on Mario Kart 64 I was able put the admiral through its paces! Most important things first, I felt no noticeable input lag. Throttle, brake and jumps all felt responsive and triggered when I pressed them. The Admirals thumbstick also felt physically good to use with a good resistance for each directional press. I can’t make any claims about the thumbsticks accuracy at this point, but it did feel great for Mario Kart 64! The Admirals overall form factor also felt great with a modern 2 handle design sure to please those who can’t stand the original 3-pronged controller. The Admiral is expected to launch later this year and after a good first impression I can’t wait to really put the controller through its paces!