Hands On With The New Haymaker Headphones At E3 2019!


Haymaker looks to capture the market by storm with a new line of high quality headphones! Haymaker is designed to appeal to users of all kinds from gamers to office workers. The sleek design is finished to look like carbon fiber and looks really slick. The Haymaker is also fitted with LED lighting that can be changed with a swipe of the touch control side cup! various lighting effects are also available including color rotation and a breathing effect. Lighting can also be disabled for when the headphones are being used in an office environment. Volume controls are also handled by a simple swipe of the ear cup in an up or down motion.


The Haymaker includes many features most gamers are going to be looking for from a high-end headset including noise cancellation and HD sound with great 3D positioning. The Haymaker will also have a built in mic to provide high quality voice chat. Going hands-on with the Haymaker, I was impressed by the sleek looking design. I must admit I am a sucker for carbon fiber finishes and the Haymakers was top notch! The LED lighting also looked great in the ear cups and headband but I liked that it is a feature that can also be turned off if so desired. I was also happy to find the Haymaker felt very light and comfortable to wear.


The sound quality the Haymaker provided didn’t disappoint. Beginning with music playback, Bon Jovi came through very clear and I couldn’t help but get sucked into the beat. Gaming is where the Haymaker really showed off its chops for me though. Playing a game of PUBG, I was able to really get a sense for the 3D positioning. I landed in an area with 3 other players and could easily pinpoint which direction they were in relative to me. On many sets of headphones I have trouble with forward and rear audio positioning, so I was pleased that the Haymaker provided a reliable experience. I also ended up defeating all 3 opponents for anyone wondering!

Haymaker is still in development with an expected release for this summer at a price of $329. For anyone seeking a premium audio experience this is one to keep an ear out for!