Happy Fathers Day - The Unique HUNT: SHOWDOWN is Free to Play on Steam!

Unique Zombification

Zombie/shooter games are a dime a dozen these days but when I stumbled upon HUNT: SHOWDOWN by Crytek, an online shooter (played solo or with a friend), I was skeptical at best. Honestly, after spending some time with it, I think it’s an absolute and even unique blast to play. Infected with a crazy fever, the South is taken over by a crazy zombie like disease but that is where the cliches end…

Mutant mutts are easily dispatched this sweet combat ax…

Enemies are a mix of human and animals,more reminiscent of Left 4 Dead and a mix of dark fantasy than your standard modern day zombie tropes. Also, the weapons are extremely varied from ol’ time sniper rifles, shotguns but also sticky bombs, oil lanterns but crazy four barrel pistols and a mix of old and new. Honestly, finding ways to kill baddies and other PVP players is the most fun I’ve had online in a quite awhile.

Visually and audio-wise, Showdown is stunning. Environments are varied and extremely detailed along with weapons and enemies. Also, the music in the menus is haunting along with solid gunshots, explosions and melee. It’s all such a nice surprise.

Creepy barns? Stinking swamps? Amazing and atmospheric? ALL THE ABOVE!

Best part of all? It’s all free this weekend! Whether you want to attack and hunt down bounties on your own or with a friend, there are several modes to hunt in this Southern based nightmare not only with zombies but dogs, freak accidents and I won’t spoil the rest… CHECK IT OUT NOW!