Has Best Buy Just Leaked A Trio of New Switch Games?!

Best Buy is just full of good leaks these days from the supposed leak of Joker’s character model in Smash Ultimate to today’s trifecta of leaks. Discovered in the companies database are listings for 3 new Switch games which include Persona 5, Metroid Prime Trilogy and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past! With the exclusion of Zelda, these games have been long rumored to be coming to the Switch in one form or another. Persona 5 is rumored to be an updated version of the game and cone out as Persona 5 S or P5S for short. Speculation about the Metroid Prime Trilogy coming to Switch has also been a lingering topic of conversation ever since the announcement of Prime 4.

This Zelda entry is fascinating though. Is it a remake of the beloved classic along the veins of the Link’s Awakening remaster (hopefully without the dead soulless clay looking art)? or could this be a digital re-release of the original SNES version? Or perhaps we might be seeing the first glimpse that SNES games could finally be coming to the Switch’s online component (but why would the game be listed individually if this is the case)? Any of the above possibilities would be a fine possibility in my book! Persona 5 has been in the rumor mill so long it almost seems like a certainty to me at this point. Especially after the inclusion of Joker in Smash Ultimate it would seem odd for the game not to come out at some point.The release of the Metroid Prime Trilogy would also make a lot of sense to release now in the absence of the now delayed and restarted Metroid Prime 4. Of course these listings are all just the fuel for rumors so take them all with the biggest grain of salt until official confirmation can be given.

Which game would you be most excited about getting on the Switch?