Hasbro Launching Contest To Find The Next Great Tabletop Game

Hasbro is looking for their next mega hit, and they're scouring the crowdfunding and indie tabletop world to find it. Polygon writes the toy company is partnering with Indiegogo for the "Next Great Game Challenge". 

Starting today through May 15th, anyone within the U.S., UK, Canada, Germany, or France can submit their idea for a "great tabletop game" and have the opportunity to have their idea be one of 15 submissions chosen by the gaming giant. Hasbro will then playtest the 15 games they've chosen and select their top 5 choices to move onto the next round.

The final decision, as with most tabletop games these days, comes down to crowdfunding. The finalists (who will all pocket $2k for making it that far) will then compete on Indiegogo, with the winner being the game that crowd funds the most money for their game.

Last year's winner Irresponsibility: The Mr. Toast Card Game won with $10k in funding on its Indiegogo.

The winner of the competition will then receive an additional $25k from Hasbro and the opportunity to have their game made by the company. Sounds like an awesome idea for several independent companies to hit the mainstream! Jump on it guys!