Hearthstone Announces Three-Week DOOM IN THE TOMB Event

Starting October 8th and ending October 30th, Hearthstone’s Doom in the Tomb event celebrates the spooky season with a limited-time spree of activities and rewards. The Hallow’s End festivities will feature unique tavern brawls which will change each week, treasures in the form of 23 unsealed cards, dual-class arenas coinciding with the normal Hearthstone rotation, new Hex and Flex bundles, legendary quests, and even login rewards for participating during the event. It’s a jam-packed event with lots for fans to experience.

The Hearthstone blog has all of the details for Doom in the Tomb. It’s a big event that starts in less than a week. The Halloween season will be rife with opportunity for the tomb raiders and treasure seekers out there.

Hearthstone - Doom in the Tomb - GameTyrant.jpg
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