HEARTHSTONE Expansion WHISPERS OF The Old Gods Releasing April 26th

Blizzard announced today that their Hearthstone Expansion "Whispers Of The Old Gods" will be releasing April 26th (27th for Europe and Asia)! The expansion will come with 134 brand new cards that Blizzard is promising will change a lot of people's perspectives about the game. Typical complaints about Hearthstone have ranged from "too RNG based" to nearly impossible for a new player to enter without immersing themselves in the meta.

I walked away because I couldn't keep up with the meta and the cost to "stay good". I dropped about $100 in the free-to-play game only to reach about rank 12 max in the ranked ladder. If Blizzard says this expansion will change the game, I hope it's in a way that many players will appreciate!

I'm a little bitter. I'm sure many people are excited about this.