Hellish AFTERPARTY Out In Time For Halloween

Oxenfree developers’ latest project, Afterparty, is the bar crawl of the century as two best friends must drink their way out of hell. Culminating in a face-off with Satan, this ridiculous premise will release on October 29th. That means you’ll be out of the underworld in time for all the ghoulish festivities of Halloween. Night School Studios shared the news on Twitter earlier today.

Milo and Lola have been damned to hell. Why is a mystery that can be solved during the game, but that plays second fiddle to the fact that gamers will be able to drink in hell. Against demons. And Satan. That’s really the takeaway here. Indie developers have brought us some far-out ideas and fantastic adventures, so Afterparty joins the fray as a night out drinking that you’ll never forget.

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