HELLO NEIGHBOR Held A HelloMods Competition And The Winners Look Just As Fun


Dynamic Pixels, the team behind the puzzle/horror game Hello Neighbor, held a contest for players to create the best Mod possible for their game and they have finally announced their winners! The best part about this contest is that they have made all of the mods available for players to download and enjoy; hopefully after completing the base game first of course. Check out the Winners Mod Compilation:

It is pretty easy to tell why DrHello was the first place winner. That mod looks about as creepy as being inside the basement for an entire game! I look forward to figuring out that puzzle all the way through and finding how to escape his, now scientifically maniacal, grasp. If you are interested in downloading DrHello, click here.

The second place winner, The Subway, shows some more parkour elements than puzzle solving, but that is probably what makes it a great second place mod. There are plenty of times within the actual game that you will be doing parkour instead of puzzles, so this is a core element to the game as well. If you are interested in downloading The Subway, click here.


Last place winner went to House Designer. I personally find this to be a questionable choice, but nonetheless, one that many will be interested in, no doubt. As many people enjoy to freedom to build homes, whether it be in The Sims or Minecraft, and this gives you the chance to do that. With a passive neighbor who sells you items replacing the aggressive neighbor, the atmosphere is likely to be more relaxing. The coin collection aspect is probably the most intriguing aspect to this mod. If you are interested in downloading House Designer, click here.

If you need help downloading or setting up the mods, Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild have provided an instructions guide for you. There are also more mods to check out by visiting the Top 20 Mods from the contest list.

After looking over the Top 20 Mods, do you agree with the teams winning choices? Which mod are you looking forward to playing first?