Here Are Some Dope AF Evolutionary Stones You Gotta Have


Imagine having some Pokemon Evolutionary Stones at your disposal, representing Fire, Water and Thunder. Imagine further that, by focusing your inner chi hard enough, you could unleash the power within these stones.

Ok. So maybe I'm going a bit overboard. These fine replicas made available by Bandai Namco are really a class of their own, at least better than the funny egg-shaped Marvel Infinity Stones we read about last month. You can hold these items in your hand, so they are rather large in size. Whether they are worth the estimated $50 (¥5,400) you will pay, is up to you. And that excludes the cost to ship them in from Japan, since they will only be available there for now when they launch in Feb 2018.

Who knows. Maybe by February local versions will be available, or replicas of the replicas on the black market. Let us know if you manage to pick one of these up... and if they have any mysterious powers. Hallucinations don't count. And if you evolve into a Pokemon, for heaven's sake send us some pics.


Source: Destructoid

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