Here Are The Details For The New OVERWATCH INSURRECTION Event


Overwatch Insurrection will be the title of Blizzard's latest Overwatch event which incidentally  has not been officially revealed as of the moment of this writing, but as is tradition with all things Overwatch, details about the event have already been leaked. 

Check out the French trailer for Insurrection that was accidentally posted ahead of time on the French PlayStation YouTube channel: 

UPDATE: Check out the English version of the trailer now that the event has gone live:

Much like Halloween's Junkenstein's Revenge event, Insurrection will also be a four-player PVE game mode that will have you blasting through waves of enemies in a final effort to defend King's Row from the omnic threat. Aside from bringing with it some cool new skins, such as the much talked about Genji half-cyborg Blackwatch skin that is sure to become the new fan favorite, it is the first ever event to build upon the lore of the game, and  even promises to shed some light into the origins of some of the characters - something that until now was reserved for the comics and animated shorts. In fact, the event actually picks up where the most recent comic issue left off, and will allow players to witness first-hand the historical event that transpired during Tracer's first mission, The Omnic Insurrection at King's Row: 


Here are some screenshots of the skins shown off in the trailer so you can take a good look at the Genji skin as well as at the long-awaited and very much still human Widowmaker skin:

As per usual with Overwatch events, Overwatch Insurrection will add over a 100 new collectible items that can only be obtained during the event which will run from April 11 to May 1, 2017. 

We'll be updating this post with the English trailer for Insurrection as soon as it becomes available. 

Source: VG24/7

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