Check Out PREY Running In 4K And 60 FPS

Prey Every Day

Let's face it: The PREY: FIRST HOUR demo on PS4 and Xbox One was pretty sweet. It gave us a solid taste of what's in store for the full game launching May 5th on consoles and PC. That being said, my playthrough of the demo on a PS4 Pro looked quite sharp but felt extremely sluggish and a bit choppy in places. I'm happy to report that running in 4K @ 60 FPS on the final retail version for PC is absolutely smooth and delicious way to enjoy the game.

Not only does the game feel more responsive but the fluidity of 50-60 FPS vs 20-30 FPS on the console demo makes a HUGE difference. Combat feels more responsive and exploration is more streamlined, IMHO, with a mouse and keyboard at a higher frame rate. Be sure to click on the screenshots here for full 4K versions.

Not only is the gameplay more smooth on the final retail PC version (Make sure you grab the latest graphics drivers from NVIDIA and AMD) but I feel the game is a lot more interesting after you hit the Hardware Labs as well, previously locked in the demo. So peeps, for now, check out the 4K video footage below and look for our full review soon!