Here's A Glimpse Of BATTLEFIELD 5's Gamescom Trailer

A few hours ago, developer DICE has released a 15-second preview of the upcoming game Battlefield 5. The short trailer did not reveal anything significant about the game, because it is just a teaser, but the footage was full of explosions and tanks all over the place. The full trailer, which is labeled as Gamescom Trailer - Devastation of Rotterdam, will be launched tomorrow. 

Speculation on what the trailer will reveal has been circulating for a few days now. Some people are anticipating a preview of a possible multiplayer map, or even a new single-player campaign depicting the events of the Battle for Rotterdam. Whether these rumors are true or not, we will know for sure when the full trailer is released. 

DICE is still yet to reveal on the exact time the Gamescom trailer of Battlefield 5 will be unveiled tomorrow. The Gamescom event itself will take place on August 21st to 25th and will be held in Cologne, Germany. It is expected that DICE will reveal more info about the upcoming game at the event. 

Battlefield 5 is scheduled to release on October 19 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

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