Here's One Of The Many Multiplayer Games You Can Play In YOOKA-LAYLEE

So far reception of Yooka-Laylee on the site has been "meh" and I legitimately don't understand it. Guys, I read the numbers every day and you love retro, classic Rare, and Banjo-Kazooie! This game is developed, scored and literally Banjo-Kazooie just short of putting those characters in the game and getting slapped with a lawsuit from what is now known as "Rare". Do you want to know why Rare went down the toilet when Microsoft purchased them? All the big names left, and this is the fruit of their creative efforts. 

Stuff like this goofy multiplayer game you can play with friends doesn't exist in gaming anymore. I take that back, it does, but in the form of a $15 indie game, you'll tire of quickly. If you miss the classic age of platforming, this game will be for you. EMBRACE IT! 

Check out the new footage and our past coverage of the game and see for yourself. Yooka-Laylee releases April 11th.