HEROES OF THE STORM Getting Some DIABLO 2 & 3 Love

I'm a big fan of Blizzard games. Warcraft II and StarCraft: Brood Wars were two of my favorite games growing up. One series from this gaming titan has always been my favorite though, and that is Diablo. So many hours were sunk into playing Diablo II with my brother that I'm afraid to assess how much of my life was really spent playing it. While I'm not the biggest MOBA fan, I think Blizzard has finally made the move that will make me pick up Heroes of the Storm and give it a try. New to the roster of champions is Xul the Necromancer from Diablo II and Li-Ming the Wizard from Diablo III. It just so happens that my go-to characters are the Necromancer and the Wizard in their respective games.

Li-Ming is a powerful Assassin character that is considered best for high level players in Heroes. Her trait skill, known as "Critical Mass" will reset all of her cool-downs whenever she gets a kill or is part of an assist.

Xul is a "tool-kit" Spell User who can summon up to 4 skeletons from fallen minions. His emphasis on bigger numbers and better skill sets for minions and wide-sweeping attacks are great for blocking lanes.

As more information on these two Heroes come to light we will be sure to share them with you here! I can't wait to take Xul the Necromancer for a spin. In the meantime... I think I might roll a new Necromancer in Diablo II.

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