Hidden Gems: Strange Brigade is an Absolute Riot


Hidden Gems 101

It’s the Holiday Season and while there are an avalanche of quality games on every system, sometimes lesser-known or titles that may get lost in the shuffle are the ones that I love running into. Our first entry in this series is Rebellion’s Strange Brigade. If Rebellion sounds familiar, that is probably because they are the developers of the excellent Sniper Elite series that you should also check out. Not only is Strange Bridade stunningly gorgeous to look at, it is an absolute riot to play and explore. So let’s dive in to why it should be at the top of your gaming list!

Nasty looking zombies aside, Strange Brigade is stunningly gorgeous and runs smooth as buttah.

Sights and Sounds to Behold

Look, I am a complete sucker for gorgeous graphics but there has to be some gameplay substance behind those graphics and luckily, Strange Brigade delivers in spades. Dank, dusty crypts, sun-drenched beaches, and dim-lit caves are just a few of the areas you’ll be blasting undead baddies and all the maps and areas I have explored are not only detailed but they have a ton of hidden secrets, paths, and optional branches to take.

Along with the stellar graphics, the voice acting, on par with the cheesiest of early 20th century serial movies (a la what Indiana Jones was based upon) is a blast to listen to. The narrator is constantly quipping about the pure awesomeness of the Strange Brigade and it never, ever gets old. The sounds effects are also top notch and in graphics and sound departments, the game absolutely excels.

Character design is fantastic with a wide array of interesting characters with more being added all the time.

The Never Ending Story

Gorgeous graphics and stunning sound design are great but not without polished and fun gameplay. Whether solo or multiplayer, there is a ton of fun in slaying hordes of undead whether through weapons, explosives, or environmental traps throughout the maps. Not only is Strange Brigade polished and chock full of the content (No serious, the levels are massive), the post launch support of the game is insane. There are multiple new levels, characters, weapons, outfits, etc and they aren’t your normal DLC dredge, it’s all quality stuff.

I love that where this game is and the road map ahead but I feel some of the attention may lost in the Holiday shuffle so if you love blasting undead baddies solo or with friends, check out the game ASAP. Strange Brigade is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.