Hideo Kojima is Joining the DICE Hall of Fame, and Nobody Can Stop Him

2015 was a crazy year for Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima. We got a release of the latest MGS and then saw Konami throw the weirdest bitch-fit the industry has ever seen. Well, now there is no denying that Kojima is one of the single most influential people in story driven and cinematic game design. The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) will be awarding Hideo Kojima with a spot in their Hall of Fame at the 2016 DICE (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Summit. Kojima will be the 21st member of the Academy's Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo),  John Carmack (id Software), and Gabe Newell (Valve). The award will be presented to Kojima by none other than his friend, and one-time business partner Guillermo del Toro!

When announcing the nomination of the award, AIAS President Martin Rae had this to say about Hideo Kojima's contribution to gaming.

Hideo Kojima’s career-defining works have shaped much of how the video game industry approaches cinematic storytelling and player engagement. As one of the most well-loved and well-respected designers of our time, it is a great honor for the Academy to induct him into our Hall of Fame. Hideo is a game creator whose eyes have always looked towards the future, and we look forward to his thoughts on the DICE Summit stage.

The 2015 Hall of Fame Award will be presented to Kojima during the 19th D.I.C.E. Awards ceremony on Thursday, February 18, 2016, at the Mandalay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

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