High Intensity FPS Action Game SPLITGATE Set To Launch For Free May 22nd

It you haven’t heard about 1047 Games upcoming PvP action title Splitgate: Arena Warfare yet, then now is the time to start checking it out. With their latest trailer, they have announced an official launch date and that it will be completely free for all players to enjoy!

Bringing the mix of arena combat with dimensional transportation (AKA Unreal Tournament and Portal mix), this is sure to be a game to entertain gamers on all sides. With the ability to teleport around the map, no where is safe and death could literally just suddenly appear behind you. I can already hear the salty tears of gamers sitting behind their respawn timers after their unexpected deaths.

It won’t be long before you can step into the battle arena as Splitgate will be coming to Steam on May 22nd, free of charge. Are you ready for the high-speed pace of this intense PvP FPS title?