Hinterland Teams Up With Jeremy Bolt For THE LONG DARK Live Action Film Adaptation

The post-apocalyptic, winter based survival game that has sold over 1.3 million copies in early access, prior to full launch on August 1st, from Hinterland called The Long Dark is getting a live action film adaptation.

The coolest part is that they have teamed up with Jeremy Bolt, the Resident Evil producer! In light of the announcement, they have created Elegy; a Visual Poem and stands for the quality and overall tone they wish to deliver with The Long Dark film.

This 5-minute short film was full of emotions and pain surrounding the many variables to survive in such a harsh reality. I can see a full movie purely based on the decisions and consequences of ones action when trying to endure a life so rough.

How do you plan to survive? What will you do to avoid The Long Dark?