HITMAN Content Continues Despite Square Enix's Separation from IO Interactive


About 3 weeks ago, we informed you that Square Enix had made a decision to separate from IO Interactive indefinitely, stating that they were basically bad for their financial business. There was so much talk about the Hitman series coming to an end, with no indication of what impact the decision made to the franchise. Well, today IO Interactive have made it very clear...Hitman is far from dead.

IO Interactive have announced as part of their Hitman June Schedule that new content will be made available today. This comes in the form of two Escalation Contracts, one in Sapienza with the mission called 'Landslide' and five stages. The Asya Attunement is added to Bangkok with five stages that has complications involving shotguns, laser tripwires, exterminators, enforcers and kill streaks.

As if that wasn't enough to sway your fears on Hitman's future, an update to the game will include 10 new featured contracts that were created by the Hitman Community and picked by IO Interactive for inclusion in the game. As a further assurance, this was added as a footnote:

Our June content will be released over a few different dates. That means later in June, there’s more content to come. Elusive Target #25 is the penultimate ET, and will arrive in Hokkaido before the month is out. The White Yukata Specific timings and the first visuals will be released later this month.
Finally, we are planning a game update for this month. This update will be mandatory for all players and we’re very excited to talk about what it includes. Again, we’ll have details to share and full release notes for this update later this month.

This is a very exciting time for Hitman, and we look forward to further updates to the series. Maybe IO Interactive is aiming to prove Square Enix wrong. There is still no word on anyone interested in buying the rights for Hitman from Square Enix as yet. 

Source: IO Interactive