HITMAN Episode 3 Out Next Tuesday

Perhaps listening to fans who felt level releases were rolling out too slow, the next episode of Hitman was announced to be releasing next week. Episode 3 will take place in Marrakesh, Morroco, and will have Agent 47 invading the Swedish consulate. The developers promise more live content will be happening and that we can expect more "elusive targets". Here are some screenshots of the new level...

A lot of people have been curious as to whether or not people who have purchased the full game enjoy the episodic release or if it changes the way they play the game. For me personally I can say that I would've preferred a full release, but I do not hate the episodic release with the exception of Episode 2. In the case of Episode 2 it was just too short and took nearly 2 months to release from the first levels. That was far too long in my opinion and left me disappointed when I cut through the level in 15 minutes to the point I didn't care to play through it again different ways.

This quicker release does make me happy, however, and If they can stay on track of a level a month I'll be satisfied!