HITMAN Season 2 Confirmed To Be In Development

The episodic relaunch of Hitman will be returning for a second season. French gaming site Gamergen confirmed the news in an interview with producer of the series Hakan Abrak. The translation, via Google Chrome, is a bit rough but easy enough to understand...

"Yes, there is a second season, we've already mentioned elsewhere, because this happens over several seasons. I think what is most important and we want to do is create a high-fidelity sandbox, where you can walk, take an interest in Annexes stories, to what is happening in AI in its complexity, a lot of creative ways to advance, achieve objectives and kill the targets. But it also introduces interesting cities on the map. It was Paris, Marrakech, etc. In short, we built World of Assassination. With Season 2, there will be new places, new exciting cities, but that does not mean that Paris will no longer matter. We want it to remain, continue developing missions, Live events, some objectives that we have already developed and that card before, like Éphémères Targets. For example having 48 and have allowed only one shot, and if it misses its target, it will be gone forever. It could happen again in Paris! I do imagine, I do not promise, even if it makes me smile, but imagine a holiday period, in central Paris, there are of course changes. We will keep all that in season 2, even if we think other cities, which will be equally important. This means that as far, all that will grow and develop more and more.This is really the right time to jump into the adventure, the season will conclude, there will be cordoned off the entire season 1, but once inside, after Hokkaido Monday, the series will continue, there will be new events, there is more content to come, and in season 2 we will develop it and create a world increasingly rich.Anyway, we are really sure that what we do on this Hitman is a great thing for all those who follow our games."

In case you weren't down for reading that entire wall of text here are the bullet points...

  • Season 2 will come out via the base game for season 1.
  • All content from season 1 will remain on the game and all unlockables will be able to be used in the second season.
  • More content such as side missions or even new missions could be developed for past levels. 
  • Potential hinting at holiday variances in certain maps for events. 

I own the game on Xbox but haven't had the time to get back to play the final missions. The first four episodes were great, even if the wait for them was not. If you're someone who's not a patient gamer, I would suggest waiting until the season is complete to play it. It's definitely worth playing, but you'll wait about a month between episodes and have to catch yourself back up with the story, and it kind of kills the experience in my personal opinion. I'm hoping the release schedule for season 2 is a lot better.