Hollywood Adapting A Movie Based On MONSTER HUNTER

A Hollywood adaptation of Monster Hunter is in the works according to Capcom. Gematsu (via Games Talk) reports the game company made the announcement during their Monster Hunter Stories presentation at the Tokyo Game Show...

“While it isn’t related to Stories, there is a Hollywood movie adaptation of the main series in progress.”

For those not familiar with the series, each Monster Hunter involves a Monster Hunter going out and hunting Monster's with a bounty on their head for fame and glory within their village...at least I think so. The story is really open ended as the cinematics are few and far between and most of the gameplay is going out in the wilderness alone or co-operatively and defeating a big ass monster. 

Truth be told, a game with an open-ended story might do better than other games as fans won't have any expectations going in. Then again, I don't know too many people in the U.S. that love Monster Hunter so much they would go see a movie about it. While the game has a relative amount of success stateside I've always heard the franchise is through the roof popular in Asia, so perhaps the strategy is a light release here and hoping it blows up there. It's worked for Warcraft! 

No real details on the film have been released outside the above statement, would you see a Monster Hunter movie?