How A PLAGUE TALE Shows The Real Reactions To Witnessing Death


The latest release from Asobo Studio has had quite an impact on the gaming community and for plenty of great reasons as well. Aside from it being an amazing game that has multiple positive reviews, including our own review, and it having some amazing visuals, there are a lot of minute details that can easily be overlooked.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is a game that takes place during the black plague in the 14th century and is an exaggerated historical fiction, which made things even worse than it was. In this playthrough experience you will not only witness death right in front of you and come across literal fields of dead bodies, but will have to take the lives of your enemies as well.

This seems like a normal idea, especially when it comes to video games, but the developers show the reality of these events and actions. The toll it would take on the people witnessing and acting these events out is shown in the main characters throughout the game. For instance, you watch as Hugo starts out as a bratty little kid and into a cold, somewhat sinister kid. The reactions that the main character, Amicia, has when she comes across death and when she takes the life of her first victim, even though it was in a self-defense reasoning, all show that it really isn’t natural. In fact, it is something that these literal children should never have to go through.

This video from GamesRadar on YouTube does an amazing job of breaking down the details on this topic. Check it out to see just how numb we have become to witnessing death and committing murder in video games: