How Exactly Multiplayer Works In A Cinematic Game Like MAN OF MEDAN

There are multiple games out there that are based on giving the player choices for their character to make and mostly watch as events unfold cinematically in relation to the choices they make. One studio that is known for games like these is Supermassive Games who became well known after their hit title Until Dawn. Now they are working on their next game from The Dark Pictures Anthology called Man of Medan which is going to have multiplayer options. This leaves a lot of gray area though and many wonder how these kinds of games can possibly have a 2-player co-op mode. The developers have answered for clarification!

In the latest developer diary for the upcoming game Man of Medan, they have gone over the details that make multiplayer possible. From letting players interact directly with each other to letting them roam in completely different areas, the options to do this is both vast and amazing. There are so many aspects to focus on for the development team, but it seems they are going to pull this off in a smooth and enjoyable fashion for both players experiencing the story.

With the game planned to launch on August 30th for Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, it is good to see Supermassive clarifying some things that people are still curious about understanding before buying. If this is the last thing you needed to know before buying this game yourself, they are still taking pre-order’s. But first, check out this trailer and see the potential this team is bringing to light later this month: