Now that we have experienced the survival tactics needed in Conan Exiles, we are once again faced with a new challenge in the Conan universe. Bringing together the survival and real-time strategy game styles, Funcom has announced their latest upcoming game; Conan Unconquered!

In this RTS game, players will be faced with wave after wave of enemies, constantly becoming stronger and harder to defend against, until they are eventually conquered. The main, if not only, goal for the player is to hold out for as long as they possibly can! The developers released this detailed trailer that breaks down all the aspects you need to know for Conan Unconquered:

Currently the game is only set to launch on PC. Come May 30th, players will be able to begin their survival challenge on Steam. If you are interested in getting the game as soon as possible, you can also pre-order it from their website.

What are your thoughts on a Conan survival RTS game? How many waves do you think you can survive before you are inevitably conquered?