HP Omen: Game Streaming On Nearly Every Windows Device


HP has made huge stride in developing hardware for the ambitious gamer. The cube is hard to miss and looks boast-worthy in nearly every setting. The Omen brand from HP has seen many improvements with each installment of the series. At CES 2018, HP definitely brought their "A" game with their new PC.

How often have we started a game in our living rooms moved to our kitchens and ended up in our bedrooms and we had to leave our game? If you had to do it once you have done it too often according to the guys over at Omen. Now the master race only needs to have a host client of an Omen PC, good Wifi, a desktop or notebook which must have windows 10. The receiving client must have the Omen app downloaded on it. Here’s the kicker: you don’t need to buy a brand new laptop to go along with that sweet new Omen PC. More than likely, that old laptop you have banging around is more than enough. It only needs to be a 4th gen correlator.

How did it handle?

We were able to test drive the Omen on Project Cars 2. Getting behind the wheel, I thought for sure I was going to be seeing skips and lags the entire time. After 7 struggle laps I had to admit, I sucked at project cars. I was the only thing not up to scratch at the Omen table. No matter what I did, I could not get the game to lag out. I was defeated and excited all at the same time.


Final thoughts

After getting wrecked on the Omen and looking like a noob with no reason other than being a horrible driver I think the Omen is going to be a formidable PC to watch in the future.

Well master race, what do you think? Is it about time you were able to stream your game to every part of your house?

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