Humble Bundle Has Been Bought By IGN


Gaming website IGN has acquired Humble Bundle, and the internet's response is only a bit delayed by the timing of the announcement. The news dropped late on a Friday, which in the world of politics, is a move that happens when those responsible are afraid of a negative backlash from the community.

Even then the news seemed to catch the eye of many in the gaming community already, with some asking if a gaming news site owning a discount gaming service is a conflict of interest.

That's a fair question to ask, as while Humble Bundle is typically known for it's discount offerings on groups of popular games all in the name of charity, they've expanded their business model in recent years. As of now Humble Bundle also publishes games, pays devs to create games for its "Humble Monthly" service, and runs an online storefront.

Both IGN and Humble Bundle have announced that they will continue to run independently of each other. That sounds plausible, but some have wondered if the gaming site won't use the popular service to pull even more readers into their website or potentially limit the service to those who don't subscribe to IGN.

Only time will tell.

Source: Gamasutra