HUNT: SHOWDOWN Expands Its Hunting Grounds To Xbox One Soon

Hunt: Showdown from Crytek is an interesting take on PvE/P where players are sent after paranormal monsters to earn bounties. Once a bounty is collected other players in the arena can take down the players that have collected it to claim it for themselves. The whole process is based on risk and reward and is really fun to play. Hunt: Showdown has been available on Steam Early Access for some time now and it was announced last year that the game will also be making its way over to the Xbox One. No solid information was given at the time but the release window for the game has now been revealed! Hunt: Showdown will setup its new hunting grounds this spring as part of Xbox Games Preview. Ever since seeing the briefing we received for the game back at E3 2017 I have been waiting for a console release and it looks like that wait will soon be over!

Have you played Hunt: Showdown? Are you interested in trying it out for Xbox One? Share those thoughts below!