HyperX Cloud Flight Review: A Wireless PS4 Headset for Dedicated Gamers

HyperX has many headsets, but it wasn't until CES 2018 that they debuted the Cloud Flight. These are HyperX's first wireless headset, which is why this is such a big deal. I talked about these at length in our coverage of HyperX's CES 2018 showcase. Cutting the cord is wonderful, but there are some expected drawbacks. Let start with the specs.

Specs & Features

  • 50mm Driver w/ Neodymium Magnets
  • Wireless Frequency - 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • Analog Frequency - 15Hz-23,000Hz
  • Noise Cancelling, Electret Condenser Mic
  • Mic Frequency - 100Hz-7,000Hz
  • Wireless Range - Up to 20 Meters, 2.4GHz
  • LED Effects
  • Battery - 30hr LED off, 18hr LED Breathing, 13hr LED on

The 50mm neodymium drivers they are using provide a very clean high and mid. Its the lows that take a bit of a hit. Since these are wireless headphones, there is less room for driver movement. The battery essentially takes up the space that is typically for movement. This means that the lows are there, but quite soft. When connected by analog, there was an improvement overall, but doesn't support the mic.


That can prove frustrating if and when your battery dies. You don't have the option to just pull out the 3-ringed 3.5mm cable and plug it into your Console or PC. The Cloud Flight is packaged with a 2-ringed 3.5mm cable, so I should have assumed this from the beginning. The mic is fantastic. The noise cancelling does a phenomenal job of cutting out a majority of what is happening in the room, outside of the players speech. I used it extensively in my living room and it was able to cut out my kids and wife in the back ground. Definitely nice to have when your kids forget to use their inside voices.

I didn't experience any issues with range. The only other room I run into with my headset on, while gaming, is the kitchen. It was nice to keep the conversation going while making a sandwich. The LED effects are super cool, but will cost you your battery life. Since I typically play at home, I usually turn them off as to keep it going longer. When I would meet up with friends at the Gaming Center, I would turn it on. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it! The default setting automatically turns the LEDs on. It's as simple as clicking the power button to toggle to breathing, and then off.

Another thing I noticed is that the audio was amazing when the volume was at max. Once you lowered the volume, the highs and mids loose there richness. I found that setting the headset to full volume and adjusting the volume on the console or PC, was the best outcome. The headset also defaults the volume to its medium volume when first turning on. So you'll have to raise the volume every time you turn it on. Overall, the sound is the absolute best you can get at this price point. The only other wireless PS4 headset I could compare, is the LucidSound LS30. 


The LS30 vs the Could Flight is an easy choice for me. Although the LS30 works wirelessly on my Xbox One as well, the Cloud Flight doesn't require you to connect your USB dongle to the optical port. Let me briefly explain. The LS30 also has a USB dongle, which is 3x the size of the Cloud Flight dongle. The dongle requires you to run an optical audio cable from the dongle to the back of your console or PC. So you then have a cord that, no matter how hard you try, just wont look pretty. Kind of gives it a janky vibe. This is why I was so happy with the easy, plug and play Cloud Flight dongle.

Build & Aesthetics

The HyperX Cloud Flight is made out of a high quality plastic. This keeps the headset super light. I didn't have any issues with its comfort-ability. After extended gaming sessions (6-10hrs), I didn't experience pain on the sides or top of my head. The tension on the top headband is just right. Strong enough to hold it on your head, but loose enough for those that wear glasses while gaming. The ear cups are also designed to turn 90 degrees. So if you like hanging the around your neck, that makes it easy. It's also nice for those that keep one ear slightly off. I do that myself from time to time, and most headsets cannot do that comfortably.

Powering the device takes holding the power button for 3 seconds. After that it functions as a toggle for the LED effects. You'll hold the button again to power it down. The left ear cup is the mute button. Easy to find since its basically a huge button. Its hidden from the eye well, thanks to the fact it looks just like the right ear cup. The volume wheel makes adjusting the volume a breeze. You will also find that the mic is detachable. So if you just want to play a single player game on your own, just unplug it.


The headset charges via micro-USB. Takes between 2-3 hours to get a full charge from 0%. The headsets design is simple. Still looks like a typical "gamer" headset. Its still fairly slim, given that it is wireless. Only comes in one color. Black with the red accent on the cable connecting the ear cups to the headband. Super touch and durable plastic. I'm not concern with these braking anytime soon.


I'd like to see a charging station for the Cloud Flight. Something like a stand. Looks kind of silly just laying next to my PS4, breathing and wired in. Its also nice to have somewhere to place my headset besides a drawer. Being able to customize the default settings would be nice too. I have forgotten to turn off the LEDs and drained the battery several times. Also being able to set the default volume to 100% would be nice too, since I typically just adjust the volume in-game to avoid loosing audio quality.

The noise cancelling mic can be a bit too cancelling at times. If I talk softly, it can take a half second to start recording my voice. It may at times cut out while your talking softly as well. Its more common at the beginning of your speech, than in the middle. I know people don't want a bulky headset, but if HyperX could add a bit more room in a newer model down the road, that would definitely help with getting a deep, pronounced low.


If you are looking for a good wireless headset for PS4, do it. You will not regret it. For $159.99, the Cloud Flight is totally worth it. I may sound skeptical throughout this review, but I want to keep things in perspective. Its a wireless headset that works on PS4 & PC, has an excellent sound and mic, and is super easy to use, for under $200. I'd say its nearly perfect, especially for PS4. If you haven't used any HyperX products, this is a great place to start. Did I miss anything? If so, tell me in the comments below, and I'll get back to you!

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