ICONOCLASTS Is Coming To The Switch This Year


The hit action-adventure title Iconoclasts by Joakim Sandberg is heading to the Nintendo Switch this year as announced by the developer today. 

The Switch port of Iconoclasts will be handled by MP2 Games, who were also responsible for porting games such as Noitu Love Devolution, Not a Hero, and Freedom Planet. As of now, no specific release date has been announced, but it is expected that the game will arrive “later this year,” according to Sandberg. The Switch version of Iconoclasts will include everything from the original version with a few extras thrown in for Switch players. 

 Sandberg mentioned in his tweet that the game would include an expanded difficulty option so that players can adjust it at any time whenever they find the game too easy or extremely difficult. Furthermore, Sandberg said that there would be a “difficulty that lets you get past harder challenges without dying.”

Players from other consoles should not worry about these new features as Sandberg confirmed that these extras would be added in a future update to the PC, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita. However, Switch players will be able to access them from day one. 

What do you think about Iconoclasts heading to the Nintendo Switch? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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