ICYMI: GameTyrant Expo Press Conference And Announcement Video

Those of you who may not live in Utah might have missed it, but big things are happening with GameTyrant! Our LAN center in Salt Lake City is hosting one of the largest Super Smash Bros. tournaments in the nation as well as the first eSports fighting tournament to be held in an NBA arena! This is the GameTyrant Expo!

While Super Smash Bros. Melee ($30k pot bonus) and Super Smash Bros 4 ($30k pot bonus) are the headliners, there will be plenty of side tournaments, events, and vendors on hand to keep GT-X attendees occupied. Check out the announcement trailer and continue on for more info:

As you saw in the trailer, some of eSports biggest names will be in attendance, and more are getting added to the list from around the world! In short, this is an event you won't want to miss. Pick up your tickets (spectator or competitor) right here, and for more details on the event make sure to check out the highlights of our press conference below! We hope to see you guys September 29th-October 1st!