ICYMI: Here's the First 15 Minutes of the New Shadow of The Colossus Game

The remake of Shadow of the Colossus is looking pretty incredible. Those who played the original will notice a hefty upgrade in the visuals department. Bluepoint Games and JAPAN Studios seem to be on the right track to recreating the cult classic video game. Check out the trailer above from IGN and enjoy.

If you're interested in seeing how much of a graphic overhaul this game has actually received our friends over at Dark Pixel made a comparison video to show just how much the new version of the game has been upgraded.  You can see just how much has changed since the initial release in 2005 (which was ~13 years ago!)

I'll have to admit I am pretty excited about this remake, as someone who doesn't currently own a PS4 there is a good chance I will pick one up just for this and the new God of War game coming out.  Who else is excited for the release of this game?