If You Have Missed CUSTOM ROBO Fear Not Its Creator Has Something New For You Called SYNAPTIC DRIVE!

Custom Robo is a franchise that has long deserved a sequel since its last outing on the Nintendo DS back in 2006. The premise of the game was simple, customize your little robot and battle them against others in an arena powered by your mind. The arena combat was always a blast and playing 4 player matches on the GameCube Custom Robo will forever be one of my favorite multiplayer memories! but again it has been 13 years since the last entry in the series came out and the simple but frantic combat seemed like it was never coming back.

Well my fellow Custom Robo fans Kouji Kenjou, creatore of Custome Robo, has the fix for all your desires! Synaptic Drive is a modern day take on the Custom Robo formula complete with weapons, bombs, pods, and jumping. The arenas look very similar to those found in Custom Robo and even the title of the game leads me to think that these battles will once again be powered by your mind. About the only thing that doesn’t look like Custom Robo is the fighters themselves. Rather than the different types of robots, like the Ray MK III, fighters in this game look more like traditional people. Not a choice I find to appealing but one I understand probably had to be done. Check out the trailer above for a ton of displays of the game! be warned it is exceptionally over the top and all in Japanese. Currently the game is planned for release on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

What do you all think of Synaptic Drive?