IMMORTAL REALMS: VAMPIRE WARS Looks Set To Be The Next Big Tactics Hit!

Turn based strategy and tactics game fans take note the next big game is here! Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars takes turned based strategy and empire management and combines it with tactics style combat! Also added to the mix to create a totally unique experience is card based gameplay for both overworld and combat segments. The story line of the game will feature 3 different houses of vampires each with their own unique approach to dealing with lesser humans. Each faction also has its own unique look, units and abilities. The games campaign is expected to last around 20 hours and will tell a single story across all three factions.

In our behind closed doors preview we got to see the Dracul intro stage. A group of human invaders have caused trouble out by the border of Dracul territory and you need to stop them. During the first turn of play we captured a nearby village and used one of our cards to summon an additional unit. After 3 or so turns we finally engaged the pesky humans in combat. The battle played out like a traditional tactics game but the new card system perks really added a new layer of depth I can’t wait to fully explore! Immortal Reals: Vampire Wars is launching this fall for PC and will follow roughly 6 months later on PS4 Switch and Xbox One. A mobile version is also expected after the console release later in 2020.